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I have a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Parson’s school of design. After graduating, I married, had many children very quickly, and moved homes and countries regularly. This was not a good recipe for a painter. I never stopped painting, but I like to paint when I have no interruptions. In the last couple of years, I have managed to prioritise painting over home life, as all of my children are fleeing the nest. I work from life. My main focus is light and shadow. Without light there is no form. Without shadow there is no atmosphere. I have been painting the same still life over and over, simply changing the light source. I like to think that each picture has its own character. More recently, I’ve been painting the sky: cloudy, stormy, sunny, moonlit. There are endless possibilities. The colours change depending on where you are geographically. I have experimented with oversized formats using large brushes. I work in oil or acrylic on canvas or board, I also work with dry pastels and graphite pencils.

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